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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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It's hard to be friends with an ex. It's trying, challenging, even completely impossible at times.

However, it's not only possible, but special, even magical if you can accomplish it.

E! online suggested that and met up together, platonically. Kristen and Robert may be the perfect example of staying friends; despite all the shouting, the haters and the break-up ordeal, they have reunited as friends.

While a period of no contact is important, Kristen and Rob have been through the withdrawal and cravings, and now seem to have the hindsight and emotional distance to reassess their relationship.

Here's 5 reasons why being friends with an ex is awesome.

1) Once the sexual chemistry, possessiveness and jealousy has gone, you may discover a deeper friendship.

Getting to know your ex in a different capacity to the boyfriend-girlfriend dynamic will allow you to see them in a different light. You'll be able to appreciate their good qualities without getting distracted by those incapacitating love chemicals.

2) It's empowering to know that you don't need someone.

When you recognize that you enjoy their friendship, but don't need their approval, a massive boost in self-esteem and independence will follow. A reconnect after a breakup, provided you're in control and not lying to yourself, can teach you a lot about your character.

3) If you stay in contact, they'll be a person rather than a hero or villain.

The No Contact Rule is vital in the early stages of a break-up, but it can be good to meet with your ex, the real human being, rather than torture yourself with your ex, the perfect flawless angel that you've created in your head. Enjoying your new, different type of contact will remind you that your relationship will be forever different, and that you're OK with that.

4) Why lose contact with an awesome person?

There are reasons you got together in the first place and, provided the emotional trade-off is not too painful, it's great to keep a wonderful person in your life. And let's face it, you connect with their family, friends and social hangouts too, and a bit of maturity and self-knowledge means you can hold onto those cool people and places.

5) If you're friends - truly friends - it means that you're over it.

When you're able to hang out together without getting crazy emotional, without wincing when they mention a new flame, without secretly trying to get them back, you're over it. And you know what? 'Over it' is kind of a harsh term for a deeply positive thing. You're not cutting someone out, you're acknowledging the wonderful thing you had, with full faith that you'll find something wonderful again. That has to be worth sharing a smile together.

Do you have a friend who's struggling with letting go of her ex? Maybe Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart can show them how it's done right!

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