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Cable is undoubtedly one of 's most anticipated characters. Because of that, there's naturally been a lot of debate among fans regarding who would be the perfect casting for the role.

[Credit: Marvel]
[Credit: Marvel]

Numerous names from Stephen Lang and Pierce Brosnan to Keira Knightley have been thrown into the mix. And while those are definitely strong contenders, creator Rob Liefeld has someone else in mind, and it's an actor we never thought about before.

Liefeld took to Twitter to declare his choice for the highly-coveted role. And it's none other than Superman's dad, :

That was certainly an unusual tweet from one professional to another, evidenced by Crowe's confused response...

Liefeld then apologized to the actor...

But despite his apparent confusion at the beginning, Russell stated that, if wanted it to happen, he would find a way to pull it off:

With this response, Rob Liefeld couldn't help himself to tweet a photoshopped picture of Russell as Cable:

With that, I can definitely see Crowe taking on Cable. Liefeld's was the last tweet in the conversation, so it looks like the actor said everything he needed to say with his remark about Ryan making the casting happens. That got me thinking...

Could Russell Crow As Cable Actually Happen?

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Let's face it, Russell Crowe as Cable would be incredible casting. However, it's not very feasible. And it has nothing to do with his role as Jor-El in the . For starters, as I mentioned above, one of the strongest contenders for Cable is Pierce Brosnan, with whom Reynolds shared a picture earlier this year:

Going by Ryan's track record, that picture was most likely a tease for something bigger. Recently, we learned that Deadpool 2 would begin production in just a few months. With such a big-budget movie, casting decisions are made a considerable amount of time in advance before the start of production, so the filmmakers probably already have their pick for the character.

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Furthermore, a character creator's excitement for someone to be cast in a particular role may doesn't actually have much of an impact upon that role, unless it's the rare occasion that that creator is working closely with the studio and has quite a bit of creative control.

So no, Liefeld most likely doesn't have much say in the decisions of the film, leaving the possible casting of Russell Crowe as the time-traveling superhero as an unlikely occurrence. But as Deadpool has been a prime example of, anything can happen in the movie industry. So we'll have to wait and see.

Do you think Russell Crowe has a chance at getting cast as Cable for Deadpool 2? Would you like that to happen? Let me know in the comments!


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