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Alisha Grauso

By all accounts, and have been going strong ever since getting back together, recently being spotted in Texas for a wedding and then again at Coachella, but it looks like they're content to spend some time apart right now.

Just a few days ago, was spotted jetting out of LAX, only to show up in NYC a few hours later for a Daughter concert. Buxom and blue-haired was also spotted at the concert, and the surprise was almost too much for some fans to handle:

The ALL CAPS lets you know they mean serious business, you guys. SERIOUS BUSINESS.

But where was Kristen while Rob was living it up in NYC? Apparently, she was back in Echo Park, chowing down on some pizza with friends.

Nice to see the two lovebirds seem to be back to normal and no longer feel the need to be desperately attached at the hip.


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