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Scott Pierce

According to Perez, was seen partying at Teddy's at the Roosevelt Hotel without his significant other! Is there trouble in paradise for Pattinson and ?

This reminds me exactly of when I was in high school and Cody totally talked to Amelia at his locker when he was dating Ashley. Things really got weird in fourth period Math. Not cool.

But that drama was well over a decade ago. And in that time I've determined that sometimes people need to, as they say, "Save the drama for your mama." The fact that this is a news story that outlets are reporting makes me feel like that high school boy all over again, except instead of lockers and hallways, it's over martinis at Teddy's. Come on, guys, let's give these two people a break. And by give them a break, I mean let's show tons of pictures of the couple together looking happy:


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