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Anyone who's ever gone through a breakup knows they suck. They suck hard. And even when you know in your heart you've done the right thing in ending something that wasn't healthy, things always get worse before they get better, especially after a long-term relationship like the one and had. There's the grieving, and the second-guessing, and the days when you panic because you're not used to being alone and it's a scary feeling.

Some people deal with this in different ways: Drinking, leaning on friends, finding someone to rebound with, eating pint after pint of Ben & Jerry's while watching terrible romantic comedies where everyone is happier than you and...and-OH GOD, I'M GOING TO DIE ALONE...

Um. I mean SOME people. Not me. Nope. I would never do that...heh heh... never... (slowly hides empty carton of ice cream behind my back)

Anyway, it looks like Rob is choosing to lean on a good friend for support in his time of sadness in the form of , who has been a rock and a confidante to Rob during this tough time. In fact, with most of Rob's close friends being across the sea, she's been his go-to source of comfort, said a friend of Katy's to Hollywood Life:

Katy has been really supportive of Rob since he and Kristen split up. She has been his main support during this whole breakup. Kristen has tons of friends that she can lean on, whereas most of Rob’s closest friends are in England. Rob isn’t going to hang out with Kristen’s friends anymore, so it’s like he doesn’t have Kristen in his life anymore, and that includes all of her friends.

It's nice to see that Rob has someone who understands his pain and depression, and there's no one better than Katy, who has had to go through some very public splits of her own in the form of her divorce from and her split from on-again, off-again love John Mayer:

It’s been tough on Rob, and Katy wants to be there for him. She feels like she can give him a shoulder to lean on and understands first hand the pain that one feels when a relationship ends.

Still, this can't be making K-Stew happy, as she's been 31 flavors of pissed-off about Rob and Katy's close friendship and even reportedly warned Katy away from Rob prior to the Met Gala. And as we all know, a few days later, the relationship was over, with a reconciliation seeming as impossible as the odds I'll wake up tomorrow in bed with (life is so unfair).

I say good for Rob. Kristen seems like she's miserable to be around, the kind of person who just sucks the fun out of any social situation and makes things awkward. And sources claimed a big part of the reason he left was because Kristen was clingy as hell and unable to function without Rob permanently attached to her hip. And that, kids, is what we call an unhealthy relationship.

Good on him for recognizing he needs a more upbeat friend in his life - and he definitely has that in the bubbly, sunshiny Katy. She seems sweet and super-fun and exactly what he needs in a friend to get over his breakup. And if it develops into something more? Well then, you're just going to have to calm down, Twihards, because he deserves some happiness after the soul-suck that was his relationship with Kristen.


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