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Sophie Atkinson

Robert Pattinson gets in car with girl late at night! Perez Hilton gets excited!

That's pretty much the story. Rob and the mystery girl who is so shielded by Rob that we can only see about a third of her face got snapped leaving a 'Hollywood hotel' at a wild 2:45 am on Tuesday.

Erm, what? Who goes out to a hotel until 2:45 am? Is this the LA scene, you just go and sup cocktails at a hotel bar filled with fat tourists in shiny suits visiting from god-knows-where? Fill me in, Americanos.

Also, if we're going to get all speculative, surely if Rob was in the mood for a spot of sexual intercourse, he would have rented out a room at the hotel to avoid all the creepy journos hiding in the bushes outside recording his every move.

Anyhoo, Perez got excited cos, they left, and I quote:

'The SAME place Rob was spotted leaving last week and the same spot the Kristen frequently calls her stomping grounds!'

So let me get this straight. Both Rob and Kristen regularly let their hair down, not at a bar, not at a a hotel? Kristen, sweetheart, Rob's new(ish) in town, he's British, he doesn't know how to get crazy on a schoolnight, but surely you, of the new tattoo and Nashville road trips, know somewhere better to go out dancing?

Also, I'd wager the Kristen will be more peeved by the addition of 'the' before her name in the quote above than this story. What's wrong with friends giving friends lifts to their pads? Or am I just being naive - was Rob taking her back to his love lair?

Let me know your thoughts below, gossip hounds and if you're LA based, puh-lease recommend somewhere better to go out drinking and dancing for our fave ex-couple.


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