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Mark Newton

So, Robert Pattinson was at some swanky showbiz shindig in Australia recently. He had front row seats at the prestigious Australians in Film Gala — an annual event when all the Australians in Hollywood can abandon their American accents to return home for massive barbies and a good ol' fashioned rip snorter of a piss up.

Rob was charged with presenting an award during the evening and apparently prepared a rather funny speech to coincide. Indeed, he jokingly referred to the honor as "the golden shower award" which apparently earned the biggest laugh of the evening (I guess it was a slow night). Later Robert wondered out loud whether to abandon his "insanely" generic written speech, but was persuaded to continue by he baying crowd of rowdy Aussies.

Not sure what a golden shower is? Well, perhaps you should ask your parents, but whatever you do don't Google image search it... If you do, urine for a shock.


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