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Sophie Atkinson

Hollywood gossip sites: not very original. As per, they're playing the long-suffering off another woman, because god knows all us ladies do when we're left alone in the parlour while the gentlemen go to smoke cigars is tear out each other's hair and fight to the bloody death over . First it was , then it was that chick from The Runaways film, now it's new flavor-of-the-week, 22 year old model Dylan Penn.

Robert's reportedly dating Dylan (just like he was dating Katy, and that other girl) , who's Sean Penn's daughter and his friends couldn't be more overjoyed, at least according to Life & Style.

"Rob needs someone secure enough to handle the pressures fame brings," says one of his pals. reads this as Rob's friends thinking 'Dylan is more "secure" than Kristen'. Say what?

Wetpaint also got its knickers in a twist over the following, saying it sounded 'like another dig at Kristen':

"Dylan is perfect for Rob because her family tries to live their lives out of the spotlight,” the second of Rob's friends says.

Yawn. Can we move on now? Kristen and Rob are living separate lives and Rob having or not having a new girlfriend doesn't mean Kristen's going to flip out, or have a meltdown, or be shipped off to Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital. Amiright, gang?


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