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This weekend found the internet abuzz with the rumors that had landed himself a new brunette beauty as both a girlfriend and a work-out partner, with sources opining that it's Rob's M.O. to not spend much time with a girl unless he's dating her.

Well, it looks like those sources are wrong, because, according to another mysterious eyewitness source, she's a trainer and nothing more.

The brunette photographed with Rob outside of Harley Pasternick's private gym is a trainer. Rob has been training at the gym almost everyday and trains with different instructors, including Harley, of course.

Rob's been really dedicated to getting in tip top shape for his next film role. Harley and his instructors are the best when helping someone transform their body.

It's still not clear whether the two have been tiptoeing around the idea of taking their relationship to one that's more than simply professional, but Rob has been linked to a number of girls in the past few months, and it's easy to understand why, continues the source:

Rob is having fun dating different girls right now. It's taken him a long time to move on from Kristen, but he's ready now. He's not ready to settle down with just one girl right now. He's just enjoying himself and taking things nice and slow. He doesn't want anything serious.

(via Hollywood Life)

He's young. He's rich. He's attractive. Why shouldn't he be dating? In other words, don't expect to see him settling down any time soon.


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