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Well, Robsten fans, it looks like we'll get our first chance to watch the pair walk a red carpet together since getting back together, as it appears will be 's dashing date for the annual Met Gala, generally the year's swankiest bash, with fashion, costume, and art coming together in a glamorous, eye-popping affair.

Kristen is all confirmed for the event, and Rob has been hanging out in NYC the last few days, presumably sticking around so he can attend the event with her. But like a good girlfriend, Kristen hasn't been pressuring him into going with her, even though she hopes he will. Loving fashion, but knowing events like this aren't really Rob's thing, she's been pretty chill with the requests: "She would love for Rob to be her date at Monday’s Met Ball, but she isn’t pressuring him," said a source close to the couple. Looks like she's just happy to see him after some time apart, added the source, saying, "Kristen is excited to spend some quality time with Rob in New York. They always have fun in the city together and plan on seeing some bands and spending time with some good friends.”

Either way, sounds like they will have a great time together, but it would be fun to see this casual couple done some glam garb and strut their stuff on the red carpet, no? Maybe Rob will feel more at home, considering this year's theme for the bash is a punk theme.

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