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Sophie Atkinson

, heartthrob, thespian, Franchise King and now...poster child for doing break ups right? No whisky drinking and chain smoking his way through the heartache for Rob – nope, he's been using his newfound spare time to 'get in the best shape of his life' and kick his cigarette habit.

'He still loves the electronic cigarettes and is not completely over smoking yet,' a source close to the star told 'It's a very social thing for him and all his friends smoke so he is still fighting to quit. It's hard for him when it is so readily available.'

Poor Rob. It's hard to smirt (smoke n' flirt, keep up!) with the Michelle Rodriguezs of this world minus a pack of cigarettes. We're guessing it's a struggle now, but we're sure Rob won't regret it when he checks out his newly radiant skin and extra pocket money.

In addition to ditching nicotine, our boy's using the distinctively Los Angelesian heartbreak cure of choice – getting in shape.

'Rob has been training diligently with famed celebrity fitness instructor Harley Pasternak,' the source adds. 'He's determined to get into the best shape of his life.'

'Rob and Harley go way back from when Rob was a complete unknown. In fact, Rob spent this morning [July 30] working out at Harley’s private gym in Los Angeles.'

Wow! Sounds far more glamorous than a few lengths down the local swimming baths. Go get 'em tiger!

Now it's over to you guys – do you think Rob'll feel better when he’s given up smoking? And what are your top fitness tips for getting into shape?

Rob, buddy, check out our best tunes to work out to below (please add your own in the comments, Moviepiloters!)







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