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Brian Salisbury

Sometimes a piece of entertainment news comes out of absolute nowhere and surprises the hell out of you ( landing Guardians of the Galaxy for example). However, there are stories whose headlines explain themselves. When Variety reported yesterday that was going to be directing a TV series based on the Mansion Family murders...I failed to muster even the slightest gasp.

will write the script for this very early-stage project set to air on Fox.

For those of you unaware, Charles Manson and his drug-fueled cult of followers engaged in a spree of murders in 1969 that took the lives of, among many others, actress Sharon Tate and her unborn child. Mason has been in prison for first-degree murder ever since. The Fox series would focus on converging stories leading up to the grisly slayings, and be told from many differing points of view.

Seriously, could they have gone with a more obvious choice than Zombie? The guy is all about lunatic dirtbags; it's his comfort zone. That however doesn't make him the right guy for the job in my opinion. This show could be really stellar, especially given Easton Ellis' involvement, but if it looks anything like the first act of Zombie's Halloween, count me out. The one admittedly unexpected facet of this story is that Fox was willing to take on material THIS dark. How much will they even be able to air?

What do you guys think?


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