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Over the course of its three seasons, The Flash has given us some of the most lovable and amazing characters on . One of those characters was Ronnie Raymond. Portrayed by Robbie Amell, Ronnie was Caitlin's long lost fiancee who also happened to be one half of the superhero Firestorm, alongside Professor Martin Stein. However, after reuniting and wedding his one true love, Ronnie died protecting Central City from the singularity. And ever since that harrowing moment, fans have wanted to see him return. Well get excited, because Robbie Amell is returning to The Flash this season.

However, while we know Amell is returning to The Flash, we don't know anything about his upcoming appearance. With everything that's happening this season, it's possible that now is the perfect time for Ronnie to resurface, and we have to wonder if this certain fiery husband is set to bring the heat to his wife's newfound cold side.

Which Version Of Ronnie Is Returning?

While it's great news that Amell is returning, we are not quite sure who he'll be portraying. After all, despite our high hopes, our beloved Ronnie died saving Central City. But with this being a superhero show, it's always possible. However, this isn't the first time that the actor returned to the show following his character's death. Remember last season, when Barry and Cisco took an impromptu trip to Earth-2, the Flash himself ended up coming face to face with Ronnie's evil doppelgänger — Deathstorm.

Deathstorm wasn't as welcoming as Earth-1's Firestorm. (via The CW)
Deathstorm wasn't as welcoming as Earth-1's Firestorm. (via The CW)

So while you might think Deathstorm's return is much more likely, the playing field is pretty much even here as he too was killed when Zoom took exception to his insubordination. Thus, with both Firestorm and Deathstorm dead, Amell could quite possibly be returning as either one of them. However, let's not forget that there is an infinite amount of Earths in the multiverse. So with that in mind, there are infinite versions of Ronnie Raymond out there. Could Amell return to the show as a brand new character — perhaps even one without Firestorm abilities?

Taking all that into account, I think it's safe to say that out of all the possible versions, Earth-1 Ronnie would definitely be our choice. Both he and Caitlin deserve happiness, and with the events still to come this season, she may need him more than ever.

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Will Ronnie Save Caitlin?

Thanks to Barry's timeline shenanigans, Caitlin has had a pretty rough year, mainly because her icy powers are beginning to manifest. Moreover, as she came into contact with her Earth-2 doppelgänger Killer Frost last season, she's terrified of becoming Earth-1's Killer Frost — and already did, very briefly.

Ronnie and Caitlin found their way back to each other before, will they do it again? (via The CW)
Ronnie and Caitlin found their way back to each other before, will they do it again? (via The CW)

But despite the fact that she overcame her icy demons, we now know that she will have trouble repressing them throughout the remainder of the season. And there's no better way to repress the cold than with heat. So, there's a strong possibility that Ronnie will resurface from wherever he disappeared and warm Killer Frost's cold heart.

Caitlin has never been the same since she lost the love of her life, and quite frankly neither have we. The pair's moments together during Season 1 were some of the show's strongest, and we have missed seeing them light up our screens for nearly two years. And with everything that's happening in the show right now, Caitlin needs the warmth — or should I say, fire — of her husband's love.

Through A Flashback

Each of our favorite shows have been known to rely on flashbacks every now and again — and The Flash is no different. In fact, we were first introduced to Ronnie through a flashback all the way back in Season 1, when we witnessed the event that made him Firestorm.

Will Ronnie return through another flashback? (via The CW)
Will Ronnie return through another flashback? (via The CW)

Perhaps with everything that Caitlin is going through, she will remember better days with Ronnie. After all, the two were together for quite some time before the particle accelerator accident, and I'm sure fans would love to see some of the two's earlier memories.

Unfortunately when a character dies on TV, we automatically assume that their return will only be via a flashback. However, with The Flash taking place in a metahuman-filled world, the impossible literally happens everyday. So while a flashback is a very likely possibility, it's not the only possibility.

Will Caitlin reminisce about better days with Ronnie?
Will Caitlin reminisce about better days with Ronnie?

With Robbie Amell's confirmed return to The Flash, we now find ourselves wondering if the beloved Ronnie Raymond will be resurrected. It wouldn't be the first time that a character has come back from the dead, and knowing The Flash, it certainly won't be the last. However, as there are infinite Earths in the multiverse, we could very well see Amell portraying an alternate version of Ronnie instead. But with all that in mind, Caitlin could definitely use a intervention from her long lost husband right about now, which is why I hope that we see the original Ronnie Raymond return.

Either way, it's great to know that Robbie Amell will be returning to Central City. He made a great addition to the show, and I can't wait to see more of him. Welcome back, Robbie!

Ronnie is set to make a comeback on 'The Flash' Season 3!
Ronnie is set to make a comeback on 'The Flash' Season 3!

How do you think Ronnie Raymond will return to The Flash? Let us know in the comments!

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