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Robert Downey, Jr. is an amazing actor and an all-around great guy. Over the course of 10 years, the actor has forged great friendship with his fellow superhero actors. With such a fabulous track record, it might be hard for some to believe what the actor is currently up to.

What if I told you that Downey is trying to create a real-life among his very own villain-punching companions? Because it's happening. But... how, you ask, in soul-crunching disbelief? Well, by pitting the Chrises of the MCU against one another—well, two of them, at least.

[Credit: Marvel Studios]
[Credit: Marvel Studios]

In honor of RDJ's birthday, tweeted this adorable, Internet-breaking message:

Proving how beloved Downey is among his peers, Thor himself, also chimed in to congratulate the legend on another year....

Of course, the real-life billionaire playboy replied to Chris Evans' birthday wishes with this lovely message:

Awww.... But wait, at the same time, he tweeted this to Hemsworth...

You beautiful and conniving creature. I think it's pretty clear what he's trying to accomplish here.

Now, you might be thinking, Franco, he's not actually trying to get them to fight, how could that be an attempt at a real Civil War? To answer that, I must ask you: If . was courting you and another person with the same name at the same time and you found out about it, who would you naturally take it out on? That's right: On your direct competition.

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I think it's safe to say we should brace ourselves for what's to come. As we all know by now, Evans and Hemsworth are not Marvel's only Chrises, there's still , who is now the wild card. If Downey Jr. goes further in his attempt at total chaos, we could have an all-out, real-life war between Evans, Pratt and Hemsworth for Downey's attention.

To quote Whiplash from Iron Man 2:

"There will be blood in the water."

But I mean, let's be honest. We're all kind of hoping this will happen, if only to watch them settle it -style:

Cap only knows how to swing dance and Thor only knows how to punch things. I think Star-Lord takes it.


Will RDJ succeed in creating a rift between the stars? Or a dance-off?


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