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Over the past eight years, we've seen Tony Stark don every armor possible in the MCU. He's created so many different variations that it's actually hard to keep up with each new armor. Using his ingenious mind, Stark has developed all these suits to stay ahead of the superhuman threats attacking the world, but what will Stark do when he comes in contact with a threat that his tech-built armor can't handle?

Keep in mind that Stark's next adventure in will be a space-faring one — where he's guaranteed to run into Thanos and his Black Order — so Stark is going to need more than just his typical suit to hold his own against their cosmic-level power. The only thing even remotely close to Thanos's power is Stark's Asgardian armor from the comics, otherwise known as the Uru armor.

Stark Outfitted His Suit With Magical Uru In The Fear Itself Line Of Comics

'Fear Itself' [Credit: Marvel Comics]
'Fear Itself' [Credit: Marvel Comics]

In Fear Itself #7, Odin gave Stark permission to create weapons using Asgardian resources. Stark succeeded in creating eight other weapons before dropping himself into a vat of molten Uru, the substance used to create Thor's hammer and The Destroyer. Stark didn't kill himself by dropping into the vat, he simply covered the Extremis armor he was wearing with the magical metal, Uru. The result left Stark with a magic-infused Extremis suit he deemed the Uru armor.

In the , Tony Stark has yet to create the Uru armor, but it may not be too long before he does. Robert Downey Jr. just teased us with the following image via his Facebook account:

RDJ is in no way saying this image of Asgardian Iron Man armor is from any upcoming movie. It's obviously not the Uru armor from the comics. Rather, it appears more like an artist rendition that RDJ liked and shared with his fans.

Could Stark Actually Create The Asgardian Armor In The MCU?

On the other end of that argument, RDJ may know something we don't. Asgardian armor would seem believable in the MCU during Avengers: Infinity War. In order for it to happen, Stark would need to make his way to Asgard and convince Thor (and probably Odin as well) to give him the Asgardian metal he needs to construct the suit.

In all likelihood, an Asgardian suit probably won't happen in the MCU. Nevertheless, it's an intriguing prospect to consider. I mean, who wouldn't want to see Stark combine his tech with Asgardian magic? His suit would be unstoppable

Do you want to see the Tony Stark don the Asgardian armor in the MCU? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Avengers: Infinity War premieres on May 4, 2018.


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