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Robert Downey Jr. just received an award far more meaningful than even his greatest accolades for his acting work: The Make-A-Wish Foundation honored him with a Shining Star Award.

RDJ has been twice nominated for an Academy Award and has won others from the Golden Globes to Teen Choice, but knowing that he truly made a difference to the lives of children with incurable illnesses and conditions must be a great honor.

Yup, Tony Stark really likes this pose. [Credit: Marvel]
Yup, Tony Stark really likes this pose. [Credit: Marvel]

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Make-A-Wish President Neal Aton said in a press release:

"We are thrilled to honor Robert Downey Jr. for his long-time dedication and generosity to Make-A-Wish.

Robert has granted dozens of wishes for children around the world, and many more kids wish to meet him.

Beyond the hope, strength and joy he personally brings to wish families, Robert has donated funds through his foundation that allow many other children's wishes to come true. In our eyes, and in the eyes of our kids, he is a real-life hero."

Congratulations to Robert Downey Jr. for doing some good in the world. Not all heroes wear capes (some wear giant iron suits).


Who do you admire more as a person?

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