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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

. Do we need any more opportunity to sing the praises of this comeback kid?

Well, for me at least, it's a yes. The gag reel for 2013's biggest movie, Iron Man 3, has been released. It's a short one (just around 30 seconds) but showcases the star finding scenes gone wrong rather humorous. In one instance, he puts on a rather fetching British accent. It also helps that RDJ is a very, very witty man. Imagine a gag reel with for example. It just doesn't have quite the same appeal, does it? See it below:


Gag reels are genuinely rather cute, right? Iron Man 3 is one huge big oiled studio machine, packed with mega-Hollywood stars, but gag reels such as this remind you of the fun and human nature of making a big blockbuster. Megastars make mistakes too, and can even laugh about it, and the buzz of being on set is palpable in said clips.

So, let's take a quick think back about Iron Man 3 as we approach the DVD-Blu Ray release. Best of the trilogy, or do you prefer the original? See, how I sneakily left out any mention of the meandering Part 2 there...

And, do you want to see an Iron Man 4? Currently, there's no plans for one, with Downey Jr claiming the third entry was the end of the standalone Tony Stark adventures. Do you think that's a mistake? Or just a bluff? Get in touch below!


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