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Fox 2000 has picked up the movie rights to Robert Grais’ novel Suspect.

In the crime thriller an LAPD cop partners up with an Afghanistan war veteran to solve the murder of his partner. The twist: the war veteran is a German Shepard suffering from PTSD!

What sounds like a dark mixture of Lethal Weapon and K-19 (or Turner & Hooch depending on your 1980s dog/buddy cop movie loyalty), isn’t the only movie in which the apparently culturally relevant war trauma of dogs gets it due.

Max, based on a true story, will be a family adventure centering the friendship between a boy and, you guessed it, a German Sheppard suffering from PTSD.

The movie will be directed by Remember the Titans filmmaker .

I generally hate GIFs but this whole PTSD dog phenomeon calls out for one I think:

[Source: THR]


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