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Twilight star isn't sad after his breakup with . In fact, he's "all smiles", according to People. An "onlooker" who saw the recently single star at Teddy's at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood said that Pattinson was cool, casual and after he "headed to the back of the club to relax at a corner table", he happily talked up a storm with a girl:

He sat on the couch at his table and sipped on multiple vodka cocktails throughout the evening. You'd never know he had just gone through a breakup. He was smiling the entire night and was in a really good mood. There wasn't a trace of sadness on his face.

He spent most of the night chatting with a brunette. There was definitely some flirting going on but it was all just talking, there was nothing physical going on between them and they never touched each other.

Um. Right. So, a guy breaks up with his girlfriend. He goes to a bar with some friends, has a few drinks. Maybe one of those friends is a girl with brown hair. And they talk and laugh. Sounds like a normal post-breakup thing to me, especially if it's been a long time coming as reports suggest. Who knows... he may be pulling off the biggest role of his life just faking it until he makes it and feels happy again. He is an actor after all. Nothing to see here folks; move along. Just another guy trying to get on with his life after a breakup that pretty much everyone has gone through at some point.

Do you think his going to a bar and chatting with a girl is such an earth-shattering thing, or is it totally normal?

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