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Sophie Atkinson

The world's greatest unsolved mysteries: what happens to the ships that go missing in the Bermuda triangle? How was Stonehenge was built in a pre-machinery age? And what happened to famous woman pilot Amelia Earheart when she disappeared in 1940?

But you know what? All these mysteries pale in comparison to the question troubling the intellectuals of our generation - why there's no fat zombies on The Walking Dead.

Slovenian philosopher and cultural critic Slavoj Zizek commented, "You know what? I can't think about anything else until this mystery is laid to rest. I've been re-watching my Walking Dead boxsets and worrying over this puzzle, but I just can't figure it out. Setting out my concept of The Real was a doddle in comparison to this."

Good point, Slavoj. Those walkers are so darn skinny and we seldom ever see a fat one( pinpoints the 'well zombie from Season 2' and the zombie that eats Lori Grimes' remains in Season 3). Are all the walkers sticking to an Atkins diet? Just what's the dealio, exactly?

Luckily for the world, a fan put exactly this question to creator Robert Kirkman in a letter column for The Walking Dead. Robert Kirkman responded, 'There are tons of fat zombies in the comic...less so in the show, as frankly, it's hard to ADD to big people to make them look like zombies. Keep in mind, to make those walkers look real, you have to build stuff, on top of real start adding to people my size, and well...we start to look a bit too padded, if that makes sense."

In the same column, Kirkman also solved another vital zombie mystery that has been troubling viewers. When asked if zombies defecate, Kirkman said, 'I've covered this before. I like to think they're always pooping...undigested bits of just passed right through. Fun!' Well, I guess that explains why so few of the zombies are putting on weight!


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