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It's the end of an era for The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, who just announced his official departure from AMC.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kirkman has signed an exclusive two-year deal with Amazon Studios in what he's calling "an unprecedented partnership," ending his time with The Walking Dead network . This news has put fans of his iconic zombie drama on edge. So what does this mean for The Walking Dead?

What's The Amazon Deal All About?

This lucrative Amazon deal involves Kirkman's own entertainment company, Skybound Entertainment. The company is responsible for horror-drama series Outcast, as well as as a number of other media-related projects (including a couple of The Walking Dead games).

Kirkman will now be producing future TV series to be streamed through Amazon Prime. The exclusive nature of the deal means he'll no longer be able to work with AMC. However, he will still be producing film content with Universal Pictures.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kirkman couldn't be more thrilled:

"Being able to not only continue that relationship, but also expand it into new territory with the vast resources of Amazon, means great things are ahead for myself, David Alpert, Skybound and fans of awesome entertainment. Look out world, here we come!"

How Will This Affect 'The Walking Dead'?

He may be the creator of the original comics, but TV series doesn't actually belong to . In fact, both The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead series are property of AMC. This is standard procedure for most networks. Want us to produce and run your series? Sell us the rights!

While this has often caused issues with other shows (such as the cancelation of Netflix's Sense8, or Adult Swim's Metalocalypse), it means that The Walking Dead doesn't have to finish just because Kirkman is gone. Now that's good news for fans.

There's little doubt that The Walking Dead will continue to run for many more seasons— Kirkman himself said he hopes the show will last well into a tenth season.

While he may have had his share of input on the show and been credited fairly, the show's team of writers and producers have been driving the series for years. Kirkman will now be leaving The Walking Dead entirely in their very capable hands.

Do you think Robert Kirkman's departure from AMC will have negative consequences on The Walking Dead? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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