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Sunday night saw The Walking Dead reach its season-ending climax, as the Governor went completely off the rails and Andrea got more than just a hickey from Milton. EW spoke to series creator Robert Kirkman about the character deaths in the season finale and what will be in store for us when the show returns in October. Obviously there are spoilers galore below, so tread carefully if you want to remain spoiler free.

One character that won't be returning next season is Andrea, who lost a large chunk of her neck to a zombified Milton. Kirkman explained how big a decision it was to kill off the much-maligned character:

That was huge. We spent many months of figuring that out and coming to that decision. It's never an easy thing to kill a character and that one was definitely tough, because Laurie Holden is such a huge part of the show and it is quite a departure from the comic books. I can imagine there are a good number of fans that are frustrated by it and heartbroken over it and that’s what we’re going for.

I'm sure that there were some fans that were heartbroken by Andrea's death, but I imagine that there were even more that are overjoyed that she and her smug-looking face won't be returning next season.

Kirkman also talked about the decision to kill off Merle in the last episode:

That was a huge debate. As I say, every death is an important decision. When it came down to it, it was everything that he does for Daryl. We had seen Daryl's character grow so much without Merle and it was a lot of fun seeing him revert back to old behavior and seeing how having his brother around affected him. But in the end we felt that losing that character would activate the Daryl character in so many different and interesting ways that it seemed almost essential to the show. We also kind of made Merle a hero on the way out. That's what that character's journey ended up being and we thought that was very interesting.

Finally Kirkman gave us a small insight into what we can expect from Season 4:

Season 4 is all about change. We're going to see a lot has changed in the prison. I think a lot has changed with these characters. I think we're going to see a very different Rick with very different motives and we'll see how this conflict with Woodbury and the death of Andrea has affected everybody. And we'll see a lot of new elements, as we do on every season of the Walking Dead. It's going to be exciting and different and cool but it'll still have zombies with it. It'll still have the things that everybody loves.

More zombies can only be a good thing, but I would also like to see the group move on from the prison at some point. There's a whole zombie apocalypse out there to explore, and I'm beginning to get a bit bored with life behind bars.

What did you guys think about the season finale?



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