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It's usually pretty easy to spot gimmicks that are little more than a ploy to take money from idiots. Like organic asparagus water from Whole Foods, or gendered Bic pens for women. But sometimes the ploys are a little less obvious and a little more enticing— like a college class on .

The University of Advancing Technology in Arizona is now offering a Walking Dead class, which aims to help students to "understand the success of the program" by encouraging them to "apply various critical lenses" to the show.

The course will involve viewings of select episodes, as well as reading online articles. Perhaps they'll include some of Movie Pilot's more intellectual pieces on the show's deep and complex themes?

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Taking a class on The Walking Dead might seem like a cool way to make college a little less boring, but Robert Kirkman isn't so impressed. He recently voiced his disapproval at the idea of universities attempting to capitalize on his creation, calling it "flattering, but stupid":

Kirkman certainly isn't wrong about that debt. With tuition for UAC's bachelor programs sitting at $20,000, this single class could be adding around $600 to the average student's loan.

The Walking Dead [AMC]
The Walking Dead [AMC]

A Total Waste Of Time

Kirkman says courses like UAC's seem "like a waste of time", and he's not wrong— but for different reasons than you might think. In the case of a legitimate zombie apocalypse, being able to analyze the social themes of a zombie drama isn't going to get you very far. What you're going to need is practical, real-world knowledge on how to survive.

The University of California did actually offer a free online Walking Dead course with a focus on survival, but that class is no longer available. Luckily, there are plenty of resources out there to equip you with the right tools for the worst scenario— and for much less than $600. Take a look:

4. 'The Zombie Survival Guide'

Zombie Survival Guide [Max Brooks]
Zombie Survival Guide [Max Brooks]

Price: $10+

This definitive handbook from walking zombie encyclopaedia Max Brooks probably contains more practical tips on surviving zombies than any course could ever teach you. Incredibly detailed and covering anything you could imagine, Brooks' impressive knowledge will have you devoting all your spare time to fashioning weapons and kitting out your home base.

3. Official 'Walking Dead' Survival Kit

[Sam's Club]
[Sam's Club]

Price: $89

Want to start building up your emergency supplies, but don't know where to start? AMC's got you covered! Their licensed survival kit contains everything you need to survive the first 72 hours of an outbreak, including a first aid kit, drinking water and a torch. Be prepared!

2. Lifetime Membership To The Zombie Research Society

[Zombie Research Society]
[Zombie Research Society]

Price: $25

The Zombie Research Society are a group of self-made walker experts dedicated to informing and educating the public on the chances of a zombie apocalypse. They provide a wealth of informative material for concerned citizens via their website, and are vigilantly on the lookout for any signs of a virus outbreak— and you can join their ranks!

They're currently taking a break from accepting new members, but promise that new applications will be taken on again soon. If there's anyone you'd want on your side when society starts to crumble, it's these guys.

1. Zombie Camp

[Zombie Boot Camp]
[Zombie Boot Camp]

Price: $100-$450

Books and supplies are all well and good, but how do you know if you'd really be able to handle a mass zombie takeover? Places like Zombie Survival Camp in the US and Zombie Boot Camp in the UK offer a range of intensive experiences that simulate an authentic zombie apocalypse.

Defend yourself against hordes of the undead with your newfound "Zombitsu" combat skills, play Daryl for a day with crossbow training, and equip yourself with essential skills like fire-building. Forget a crash course in firearms at Hershel's farm— these guys are the real deal!

Brush up on zombie anatomy 101 with our informative video:

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