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David Gorchoff

Recently there have been quite a few names thrown around as to who will inherit the famous cape and cowl of our favorite animal-themed, orphaned superhero. No, not Spider-Man...

BATMAN! I have to admit, some of the candidates for the next Bruce Wayne are fantastic! And along with internet speculation of casting for the HERO... well, then we fanboys jump straight to the villains. The Caped Crusader has an impressive rouge gallery but we all know who our favorite villain in the DC Universe (and possibly all comics) is.

That's right: The Joker. Now, before you go on about how bringing back the Joker so soon after The Dark Knight is unjust and basically a spit in the face to Heath Ledger, I know! And I agree! We shouldn't bring him back so soon. But, we all know that he has to come back some time. So, when that happens...

Robert Knepper

What a brilliant actor. He portrays the psychopathic Theodore T-Bag Bagwell beautifully in Prison Break. At some points, I thought he was real and would be knocking on my door someday! This helped form my opinion that he should be the one to bravely take on The Joker! We already know he can portray the mental aspect of a killer who doesn't give a flying 'fadoodle' about anything! And not to mention his ability to take you deep into the psyche of a character! He would be a perfect choice! I'd love to know your opinions! What do you think? Would Robert 'T-Bag' Knepper be a good choice for the next Batman Joker? Or would he ruin the character? Sound off in the comments!


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