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Twihards and fans alike (aren't they basically one and the same?) are always dying to hear the details of the private actor's life, but one thing he's never been very open about is the intimate stuff. You know, his sex life.

But with the truly bizarre interview with German magazine Interview being the gift that keeps on giving, the most salacious detail yet has emerged: Rob's best sex partner on-screen. And no, it wasn't . It was his own hand.

In something that I think we can all agree is way, WAY too much of an overshare, the actor admitted that to make his sex scene in the role of Salvador Dali in Little Ashes to look "authentic", he, uh, didn't exactly fake pleasuring himself on camera.

That's right, he masturbated in front of cast and crew for real real, not play play, during the filming of the sex scene.

If you Google something about long enough you will know everything there is to know about me, what I eat, what my poop looks like, with whom I'm sleeping, even what I look like when I masturbate...

It was then that he admitted faking masturbation "just doesn't work."

I pleasured myself in front of the camera. My orgasm face is recorded for eternity.

Welp. Shit just got real, y'all. I don't even know what to say to that. I like Rob, but, man, that's TMI. Ain't nobody got time for that.



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