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Sophie Atkinson

You'd think the one person who wouldn't have to worry about being randomly assaulted is a security guard. Usually big and burly with experience in self-defence, they're the last person anyone would want to pick a fight with. Unless you're Robert Pattinson, of course.

's distaste for the paparazzi has been well-documented and seems justified, given the sheer numbers of photographers following him around and shoving cameras in his face. However, on Friday night, Robert took out his aggression on completely the wrong guy outside a West Hollywood music venue. He shoved one of the venue's security guards so hard that his head was pushed completely back and his glasses fell off.

Caught on video, Rob seemed to be in a sunny mood when he exited the venue, smiling widely at everyone. Then Rob stopped suddenly and shoved a security guard in the face violently.

This seemed particularly unfair as the guard had been trying to hold back the photographers from Rob and was wearing the music venue's logo on his chest – all the same, Rob mistook him for somebody different.

Probably the most unnerving thing about the encounter is the wide grin pasted to Rob's face while he pushes the guard forcefully. Check it out below:


I guess it's easy to see how Rob could have got confused – the atmosphere seems completely chaotic and he just seems to eager to get inside the car waiting for him as quickly as possible.

The security guard seemed to take the attack with impressive maturity, telling another employee that Rob must have been confused.

You can hear him on the video saying 'He thought I was someone else.' Before adding, 'He grabbed me on my face.'

Should Rob apologise? Or is this just a natural side effect of being hounded by the paparazzi?


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