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Break-ups are a messy, messy thing. Not only is there the inevitable heartbreak, there's also the big division - taking your CD compilations back from your ex, giving him back his baggy t-shirts, and trying to remain more-nonchalant-than-thou through the whole, horrible ordeal.

Well, apart from the usual stresses, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have got a whole other breed of break-up woes to worry about. The paparazzi, deciding who gets the dogs, accusations from angry fans as to who should take the blame... And not least: Ellie Goulding.

"Whaaaaaat!?" I hear you cry? Who gets Ellie flippin' Goulding? Yeah. That's right. The pop songstress most famous for party bangers Lights and Halycon is apparently causing a rift between the former Twilight thesps. The pair are said to be battling to spend time with her, without having to come face to face with each other.

Apparently, Stewart and Pattinson met back in the Breaking Dawn days, when Ellie's track Bittersweet was used on the movie soundtrack. A source reporting to Now Magazine is saying that:

Ellie's really good mates with both Rob and Kristen and used to spend time with them as a couple... Since their break-up, she still hangs out with both of them, but separately. Things are proving quite difficult at the minute.

]![The star-studded pair of ex-lovers looked like they were attempting to play the civil card with each other, which explained some of the secret hotel hook-ups. But, things could start getting a lot more awkward as apparently both KStew and RPattz wanted to see Ellie play Coachella 2014. The source continues:

Ellie wants both her friends to be there. It's one of the biggest events of the year for her, especially as she's starting to make a mark on the American market... But she knows her mates can't even be in the same space as each other right now, so she's feeling caught in the middle.

C'mon Robsten - surely there's enough Goulding to go around. What do you think Ellie Goulding should do about this awkward situation? Do you think Rob and Kristen just quit bitchin' around and just kiss and make up? Yeah, me too...



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