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The ongoing KStew and RPattz romance saga finds more legs. This time, it's the dogs...

Remember when we told you that ex Twilight lovebirds Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been relying on the wonders of technology to keep the flames of their romance burning despite not seeing each other in person for weeks, with their positively steamin' Skype dates?

Well, new rumors are now surfacing regarding said Skyping, which look like this:

Not because they wanted to catch up, of course not. Because Rob was "really missing his dogs" and he wanted to tell them all "how much he loved them."

Makes sense. I mean, pets are the one thing that ties former lovers together long after the spark of romance is gone. Well, pets and kids.

That said, I'm willing to believe that there's more going on with these Skype dates than meets the...ear. I mean, don't try and tell me neither one has found a significant other yet. Little weird for a pair of good-looking, virile young folks!

What do you guys think? Is it all about the dogs? Or is there something more to Robsten's Skype dates?

(Source: The Stir)



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