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Will and find a way to rekindle their romance?

R-Patz and KStew are still unable to exist without each other.

They have been rumoured to enjoy secret hotel hook-ups, not being able to make up their minds about something more serious. Now they might be ready.

As the Daily Mail reports, Pattinson has invited Kristen Stewart to spend Christmas with him at his London home. According to their sources, the actor has called his former sweetheart to congratulate her on her new film Camp X-Ray being selected into line-up of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, but they ended up talking about more than just work. Apparently he wants Kristen to spend the holidays with him and the actress is thrilled by the idea.

A friend of Stewart has been reported as saying:

Not sure if she’s 100% going to take him up on it, but she was just so happy.

It is also rumoured that after the holidays in England, the couple will set off for a trip around Europe.

An other anonymous source said:

She reckons it could be the relaxing break they need to completely get things back on track.

(source Daily Mail via Examiner)

We know that Christmas is the time of miracles; so could this romantic European get-away serve as a fresh start for the RobSten couple?


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