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How was your Halloween? Did you have a wild night? Go overboard on the fake blood? Eat too much candy? Well, no matter how great your night was, us Twi-Hards were having a WAY better night than you. Why? Because and are confirmed to have spent the night together!

RPattz and KStew were pictured together for the first time since their break up in Los Angeles last week and sources now confirm that that isn't the only time that the pair met up, with reports saying that Rob and Kristen also met up to celebrate Dia de los Muertos together. HollywoodLife is reporting:

Rob and Kristen went to check out the scene at Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Saturday night, Nov. 2... There was a huge celebration for Dia de los Muertos with tons of costumes and bands. They just mixed in with the crowd and acted like a normal couple just hanging out.

The Twilight lovers have so many memories together that it's probably difficult for them to stay apart. Now that the couple is spending time again, there is a small chance that something might happen between them, but I'm remaining cautious. Playing the friends with benefits game with your ex is never EVER a good idea, so they'd better be careful.

What do you think? Are KStew and RPattz getting back together? Is it a good idea if they do?



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