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and are going through another break up. This time it seems like this is IT. So why did it happen? According to a certain blogger, it's got everything to do with the end of Twilight and trust.

Apparently, an "insider" let out that:

Usually they would have a Twilight film to bring them back together. They both have projects that will take them away from each other for months. If he can’t trust her, it’s impossible.

Well, they certainly are spending a lot of time apart, what with them not spending Rob's birthday together and the both of them working on new projects. This is where their alleged trust issues come in; well, Rob's trust issues.

The same source went on to say that he "put her through the wringer" about it and that he "keeps bringing it up" and that he "hangs it over her head". If he hangs it over her head, then it would seem he might be having a hard time trusting her when they're apart.

None of this is unusual for them, or for any couple that's gone through the nightmare that is a breach of trust like cheating. If they can't get past it, then they are probably better off apart; having learned from the experience and moving on to be with people they can actually be happy with. Best of luck to both of them!

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