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After a dramatic and tumultous year of dashed hopes, the saga of movie stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart lives on...

When the Thanksgiving then the Christmas togetherness stories crumbled, we wanted to believe in the magic of the New Year. But will 2014 bring the the former Twilight lovebirds back together?

At least some people seem to think so. The IBTimes illustrates that despite the two having split and no definite details emerging as to why they decided to part ways, the two are yet show signs of moving on completely:

Robert Pattinson has been linked to a number of women and so has Stewart. The point here is, the two haven't been seen with anyone that they had been linked to in which the rumors that they were dating are actually true.

The source speculates that RPattz hasn't really got back into the dating game wholeheartedly and may in fact still be in love with KStew. So, fans, ask yourselves: Is it over?

They may end up as long-term lovers, friends with benefits, or simply friends with a memorable history. Either way, Robsten has a solid history. I have my suspicions that we'll see them loving again. What do you think, Twihards and Robsten shippers?



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