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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

Another day, another Perez Hilton article about the Robsten break up.

To quote Perez:

'Kristen Stewart has turned Robert Pattinson into damaged goods. The freshly single hottie is so heartbroken over his failed love fest with K-Stew that he's completely incapable of committing to new flame, Riley Keough.'

Where do we even start with a statement like that? First, the factz. Supposedly, Rob and Riley are 'just' bumping nasties instead of dating. But that's ok right? They're young, unattached adults in their twenties. What's the problemo, Senor Scandal? Maybe they'd both rather play the field for a while. Maybe they have great orgasms and forgettable conversations together. Etc, etc.

One of those awful anonymous sources 'revealed':

'With his schedule and his overall trust issues with girls due to his celebrity and what Kristen did to him, he and Riley are nothing more then friends with benefits.'

What Kristen did to him! Guys, Rob seems like a well rounded individual with a good head on his shoulders. I doubt he's still tortured to the core of his being by something that happened over a year ago, right?

However, snaps to Perez for his coining of the term 'El Lay' (LA). Perez, you may be a sinfully immoral human being, but you never cease to entertain, you sly dog, you.


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