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Another day and another story about how Kristen Stewart's life sucks, when, y'know it probably doesn't. Today's piece of gossip-speculation is that she is 'not happy' and 'hurt' over Robert Pattinson's decision to date Dylan Penn.

It seems Robert and Kristen had an agreement not to date each other's mutual friends, which is apparently why Robert's 'relationship' with Riley Keough ended. However, it seems he's broken the pact by hooking up with Dylan. What's even worse is that they've been spotted going to music concerts together, something Rob always did with Kristen. A 'friend' of Kristen told HollywoodLife:

When Kristen heard Rob had taken Dylan Penn out to listen to some music, she was not happy. She doesn't understand what's going on with Rob and his decision making. There are a million people Rob could date, but he picks someone like Dylan, someone Kristen knows.

However, despite this things might be improving for Kristen. She's currently working in Switzerland, and according to her 'friend':

Kristen is doing a lot better, but she still misses Rob and music was their thing, their bond.

Yeah, because absolutely nobody else in the world likes music or going to concerts...

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