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Scott Pierce

Woof. and are looking rough on the set of David Michod's The Rover. Michod previously had success writing and directing Animal Kingdom, a great Australian film about a teenager who is introduced to his family's criminal ways. The Rover follows this theme, concentrating on a man forced to join a gang in the dystopian, futuristic Australian Outback.

This is the perfect platform for Pattinson to prove himself as an actor. He had some success with 's Cosmopolis, but this movie could allow him to branch out from the teeny-bopper audience. Unfortunately, that was also the goal with Cosmopolis, but it ultimately failed as an overwrought literary adaptation. By working with the likes of Cronenberg and Pearce, however, Pattinson is aligning himself with top tier talent that could truly make him a go-to actor for both big budget and independent blockbusters.

Check out some more pictures of The Rover and let us know what you think of Pattinson's chompers in the comments below.


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