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Poor . Perhaps the stress of being constantly followed around by paparazzi is finally getting to him, because he's not been having a very good week. First, there was the whole mix-up with him accidentally pushing one of his security guys after mistaking him for a paparazzi photog in the midst of a throng in which some derogatory slurs were hurled at the low-key actor.

Then, he dissed Twilight fans and wondered what kind of sad lives they lead (though this isn't the first time he's expressed some less than savory feelings regarding the fanatically obessed portion of the Twilight fanbase).

Now, it seems he's not too happy with the blogger who coined the nickname of "RPattz", as he reveals in a new interview with German magazine Interview:

I'd like to strangle the guy who came up with it!

Now, Pattinson didn't name names (Perez Hilton), simply choosing to refer to the blogger (Perez Hilton) as "some fat, celebrity blogger." (It's Perez Hilton.)

Gee, an overweight celeb blogger with a penchant for writing like a 15-year-old girl and coming up with annoying, cutesy nicknames for gossipy celebs? No clue who that might be, none at all.

Though Pattinson has expressed disdain for the nickname culture in previous interviews, this is the first time the normally affable actor was quite so blunt about it. Good for him. Next time, name names, Rob, so we all know who you are talking about.

(It's Perez Hilton.)



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