ByTheodore Donald Kerabatsos, writer at
I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

“A new story is about to start. for Dior Homme Parfum.”

That's what the advert for the new men's Christian Dior perfume says. Except, as splendid as these new photo's are, I'm not sure what the story is.

In one photo, can climb rooftops, in another, he chills on one. Sorry Rpatz, seen it all before, a'la Nicole Kidman for Chanel! In fact, whilst Kidman 'LURVES to dance', Pattinson just looks bored.

What else do we have? In another, he pensively plays the piano. Or we also have Pattinson in bed discussing something with French model Camille Rowe. Or sitting in the bath adjacent to Camille Rowe. Or smooching Camille Rowe in an empty bathtub.

Basically, what he have here is a very soulful Mr Pattinson chilling out, either or with his blistering hot new French girlfriend. Great pics, but story could do with some bolstering, I reckon. Check em' out below.

How does everybody feel about the new Dior campaign?


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