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It's been over two years since a polished sparkler was clocked sitting upon that finger on FKA Twigs's paw, yet things have been so quiet on the engagement front we'd all started to wonder whether we'd actually just made the whole thing up. But — sadly, for all those die-hard Twilight obsessives, or "crack troop of crazies" as calls them — R-Patz has just addressed it publicly for the first time. The engagement is real. Well, kind of.

The British actor recently appeared on Sirius XM's The Howard Stern Show, where he was asked point blank whether he and Twigs were engaged. His answer? "Yeah, kind of." Queue hopeful teenage hearts around the world shattering into a million pieces — Edward Cullen is still off the market, even if he doesn't sound completely sure about it.

"Kind of?" Stern replied. "Wait 'til she hears this..."

It's understandable that the couple at least attempt to shield their private lives from the public eye, especially when considering that they didn't even break the news of their engagement themselves, T-Pain did. Shying away from flaunting their love left, right and center does take its toll on them, though:

"It's one of the most frustrating things in the world because you want to be able to do that [PDAs], but get kind of stuck in a position where, like, you have to make the decision... Do you want to let kind of crazy people in, because for whatever reason with Twilight, there's like, a crack troop of crazies who think every decision you're making is creating some kind of conspiracy. And so you kind of think, to protect it, I want to create a big boundary between it, but then it makes it difficult for your actual relationship."

It doesn't help that many of these crackpots also happen to be bigots and launched racial abuse at Twigs the minute she was pictured alongside their twinkle-skinned vampire hunk. In 2015 she told The New York Times that the insults were "relentless," and there was nothing she can do "that will prove to them [she's] not a monkey.” With regard to the total invasion of privacy, she added:

“It’s really hard — I can’t begin to explain how awful it is. It makes you want to just stop everything sometimes. It makes you want to smash your face into the mirror.”

Clearly it hasn't changed the way they feel about each other though — you can hear R-Patz gushing over his "kind of" fiancé via the Howard Stern audio clip below:

Do you think R-Patz and Twigs make an adorable couple?


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