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And just when we thought the Twilight lovebirds were working things out...

More bad news for Robsten shippers today, I'm afraid: After yesterday's shock announcement that is taking his new girlfriend Dylan Penn on a romantic 3-day holiday to Hawaii (to the despair of Rob's recent ex, ), we now learn that Rob has officially met Dylan's 'rents!

Last thing we heard about RPattz and his very scary in-laws, was warning Rob to "stay away" from his daughter Dylan - the two-time Oscar winner is known for losing his temper, and imagine how protective he is of his little girl!?

But now, just weeks later, we've got word that Penn and Pattinson have met under significantly more friendly circumstances and - although clearly still a terrifying experience for our Rob - Penn has somewhat softened. According to OK! Magazine (via Classicalite):

Rob was nervous. He had the sweaty-palm thing. Rob had been around Sean before, but this was different, it wasn't when he was dating his daughter! [Pattinson] was stammering a bit at first. He was being a little cheesy and said he wanted to date Dylan and was serious about dating her. It was his awkward way of asking for Sean's permission, which Sean thought was a nice gesture.

Since Sean knows he isn't the picture of perfection himself (I guess at some point, everybody in Hollywood just decided to forget that he was once an abusive husband), he probably just wanted to scare RPattz a bit at first, in order to keep him in check! But I'm pretty sure that wasn't needed - RPattz strikes me as the kind of gent who treats all his women with the respect and love they deserve.

What do you think of Rob and Sean Penn's meeting? Does this signify that things are really hotting up between the former Twilight star and his new squeeze, Dylan? What will KStew have to say about all of this, after making a move on Sean Penn?



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