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Sophie Atkinson

Finally! A solution to the problem we've all been puzzling over.

A cure for cancer? An explanation for why all those ships go missing in the Bermuda Triangle? A face cream that works and doesn't cost as much as a mortgage on a two bed in Manhattan? How the cast of Friends (or indeed, any New York based sitcom) manage to afford their huuge apartment on a chef/waitress/masseuse's salary?

Nope, it's far better than that - has finally come to realize why cheated on him last year with Snow White and the Huntsman director , who, while a raven-haired dreamboat, definitely 'has something of the night about him'*.

A friend of Rob's told that austere publication, Hollywood Life:

'Rob is well aware of why Kristen cheated on him. He understands that it wasn't because of a lack of love. It was more so a fear of intimacy of Kristen's part. Everyone takes on different experiences from their upbringings.' Rob's friend is referring to Kristen’s parents, who split up just before Kristen’s affair was exposed.

Ahh, Rob. That's a generous, insightful explanation, but more realistically, Kristen was only 22 years young! And I don't know about you, but at 22 I think most people are impulsive and prone to mistakes.

All the same, I feel I can sleep easy now Robert's reached a conclusion on the matter. I'm sure you do, too. Let me know your thoughts below.

*Yeah, that's not my line - British political reference klaxon! MP Ann Widdecombe famously described former leader of the Conservative Party Michael Howard as the same. It is, however, as she herself acknowledged, a 'humdinger'.


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