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Paul Aguirre-Livingston

Another day, another insight from Robert Pattinson. In a new interview with French magazine Madam Figaro, Rob explains that he was feeling less than stellar when he began filming last year's David Cronenberg thriller Cosmopolis. In fact, he credits the director (not then GF Kristen Stewart) with giving him a boost, after feeling like an uncomplished actor in questionable teen dramas. He says:

Cosmopolis is the film of my career. Beforehand, I didn't consider myself to be an actor, even with 10 years of acting under my belt. I've always felt out of place. I doubt myself. David Cronenberg restored my belief in myself and changed the way I act and think about the industry.

And, of course, some Twilight talk:

When you're blessed with a phenomenon like Twilight, it's difficult to imagine being perceived in another way by the public. I thought I would never get out of it ... that kind of success can become a gilded cage. I know I've escaped a pivotal stage in my life. All the choices I make today will forever define my future. The pressure is huge, I'm constantly wondering, 'Have I made the right choice?' At the same time, I won't let fear take over.

Well, eventually people will stop asking him inane questions about his break-up and his feelings, focusing more on the growth of RPatz as an actor.



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