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At a time when and were still together, they had an all-time favorite spot to hang out at: the stylish Chateau Marmont, an exclusive luxury hotel in West Hollywood, CA.

Last Saturday, Rob went back to this elite resort to have a fun night... only, this time, KStew wasn't there to warm his bed. Instead, Rob went with a couple of buddies, including Jamie Strachan ('s bf). It appears that on this occasion, the group was a certified 'sausage fest,' that is, an all-male ensemble.

According to a friend of Rob, the hotel is the spot for the ex-couple idolized by millions:

Rob used to stay at the Chateau before he bought a house in LA. He would stay there with Kristen whenever they were in town promoting the Twilight movies. This is one of the reasons he loves the Chateau so much — he has a lot of fond memories being there with Kristen and it just feels like a second home to him.

Of course, Kristen still is on the other side of the continent, busy shooting her latest film, Anesthesia, in New York City. A source told that throughout her NYC stay, Kristen hasn't stopped chatting with Rpattz:

Kristen and Rob have been in constant communication since she’s been in New York. They speak on the phone almost every day and also send each other texts and photos.

The question is, how does Dylan Penn feel about this? Obviously, there are some conflicting reports on the current status of the Robsten 'ship: just yesterday, a 'source' told news outlets that Rob and Dylan are romantically involved; while other gossip sites like HL are assuring readers that a reconciliation (and more than that) between KStew and Rob is in the works, always hinting at them getting back together sooner or later. Whom to believe? Well, whomever you want, of course. Unnamed sources have never been the most reliable aspect of serious journalism, and obviously some of these 'close friends' are either lying or not really that close to the stars. What do you think? Will Rob and KStew spend more torrid nights in the swanky Chateau, or is it time for both to move on and find other, more faithful partners? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Hollywood Life.



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