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Twilight star and boyfriend of , has had a lot to deal with recently, like mending his heart after K-Stew decided to cosy up to her Snow White and the Huntsman director in the back of a Mini Cooper last summer. So how does he deal with it all?

Well, according to Star (via Celebitchy), R-Pattz used booze to drown his sorrows - and now he can't control it. The actor reportedly "won't stop drinking", despite the actor's friends who are pleading with him to get sober:

Rob was a complete mess over Kristen's cheating and began drinking to numb the heartbreak... Rob doesn't just drink with friends while out, he drinks by himself at home and always reeks of alcohol. His friends are so scared for his health, they're trying to figure out a way to help him.

It gets worse. Apparently his girlfriend, K-Stew, can't offer him the help that he needs:

Kristen doesn't try to help Rob, because she doesn't see a problem with the drinking. Everyone thinks they have a very unhealthy relationship. The best thing that could happen for Rob would be to ditch Kristen and stop drinking – to save not only his acting career but his life.

Despite reports to the contrary, I think Kristen is better than that. I would need to see a lot more hard evidence that just word of mouth on this gossip. Rob's still young and he's probably an occasional fun drinker like a lot of other twenty-somethings, no more no less...

Do you think Robert Pattinson has a drinking problem? Or are these just the murmers of bored rumor tabloids? Let us know below! [[poll]]


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