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Matt Carter

It seems that Robert Pattinson has a very expensive and space consuming obsession: The British actor has admitted that he has so many suits he's had to rent a storage unit to house them all. In an interview with Britain's Sunday Express, the man with a passion for fashion admitted:

I only ever wear them once so I have a storage unit with about 1,000 suits. Occasionally I'll give them to friends, but, to tell you the truth, I'm a bit of a hoarder. I find it really difficult to give things away.

1000 suits and he only wears them once? I imagine if he actually had to pay for any of them himself, he would probably be less cavalier with discarding them after one outing. I suppose if he ever falls on hard times, but still can't face parting with them, he could always use them to make something useful, like a pair of curtains or a flag perhaps.

If you need any tips, Rob call me. I've clearly got loads of great ideas.


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