ByAbi Toll, writer at
Abi Toll

The brooding babe has been snapped looking buffer and more rugged than ever while grabbing some take away food in Hollywood recently.

Pretty boy Patterz is following a strict fitness regimen to get pumped for his new movie Mission: Blacklist, where he'll play a young military interrogator who helps lead the mission to capture Saddam Hussein.

The Twilight star was also seen with a brunette bombshell, thought to be one of his trainers.

Regardless of the evidence seen bulging out of Pattinson's t-shirt, he insists that he doesn't have a six-pack and hates going to the gym.

He revealed to Sunday Style:

I've been like that my whole life. I never want to take my shirt off. I'd prefer to get drunk.

Well, regardless of whether it's worked at or not, I'm sure adoring R-Pattz fans wouldn't care if it was a six pack of lagers. I for one wouldn't mind staring at his face over a glass of red. what do you reckon?



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