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Good news, Robsten shippers - today we have yet more rumors surrounding everyone's fave Twilight lovebirds rekindling their romance!

The latest reports are saying that recently felt compelled to phone up to congratulate her on her upcoming army flick, Camp X-Ray, making it into the Sundance Film Festival.

Rob put in the cunning phone call to his ex to tell her "well done", but apparently the chat between Rob and Kristen went so well that:

By the end of the conversation, Rob invited her to come see him in London [for the holidays].

Sources say that Kristen isn't "100% sure she's going to take him up on it, but she was just so happy." I'm pretty sure that if Kristen was invited to join Rob in London she'd be there like a shot. What do you guys think? Will the couple be spending this year's Christmas together, like old times?

Camp X-Ray is expected to get a US release in 2014.

(Source: TheStir)



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