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Robert Pattinson was revealed as the gorgeous face of Dior Homme earlier this year and since then we have been spoilt with a series of seemingly endless sexy shots of the Twilight hunk.

As well as his on-again-off-again, is-it-isn't-it relationship with ex Twlight lovebird , we've also been following the star's fragrant life. And here we have for you - courtesy of Dior, who just posted it to their Instagram - a (very seductive) new image of the thesp. Just check it out and see if your knees don't tremble!

WOAH THERE!! That's got to be one of 's best snaps, right?

In a press release, the Dior Homme Fragrance brand described the ideal man who was made to wear the chic scent. The statement read:

The Dior man is on the move, in unison. With forceful drive, compelling momentum. He is the mirror of his time, vivid and potent... Dior Homme is more than a fragrance, it has become an identity. Embodied today in images that are new, wild and free. Adamant and sexy.

That's our RPattz, alright! But what would KStew's fragrance be? Sound off with your suggestions below!

(Source: BeautyWorldNews)



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