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** has made it pretty clear that he is SO ready to put his Twilight days behind him and leave Forks the hell behind. Similar to how I feel when I see old pictures of myself from the fourth grade when I had a terrible perm, blue glasses, and a sparkling magenta retainer.


Anyway, director Romain Gavras recently directed Rob in the smoking hot Dior commercial that has captivated the world, if that world is the world of 47-year-old housewives in Kentucky. And us. Because we have to write about them. Always and forever, writing about Robert Pattinson...haunted stare

And Gavras has stated that the 27-year-old actor is ready to take the next step in his career, according to magazine Io Donna:

Rob is extremely curious. He is leaving the phase of Twilight “poster boy” to play more mature roles. He’s already making interesting choices.

And he is. With trippy Cosmopolis under his belt, and upcoming The Rover and Mission: Blacklist to look forward to, Rob's career post-Twilight has been unpredictable, diverse, and challenging.

Let's hope he leaves the sparkly skin well behind and focuses on doing more work that befits him.

**This post has come to you courtesy of the sinus medication I'm currently doped up on


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