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Twihards are set to become cry hards, as word on the street today is that has well and truly moved on from Twilight star ex . Not only has RPattz scored himself a high-profile and hot new lady-friend just months after breaking up with his girlfriend of four years, but apparently the British heartthrob has been seeing his new squeeze for months and is "very comfortable" with her!

Take this with a pinch of salt, but an insider told Us Weekly (via EW) that Rob has been seeing 's daughter Dylan Penn (pictured left together) on the "down low for months" and that he is "so happy now. They're very comfortable together." He has also reportedly been "flying back and forth from Canadian sets" whilst filming for Maps to the Stars. All together now: Aawww!

If the loved-up couple have been canoodling for this long, it goes some way in explaining the scary in-laws chat that Dylan's famous dad Sean already had with RPattz, telling him not to hurt his daughter... I guess since Sean knows he isn't the picture of perfection himself (I guess at some point, everybody in Hollywood just decided to forget that he was once an abusive husband), he wants to make sure Rob doesn't end up like him.

So, what do you think about Rob and Dylan's comfortable relationship? Will this freak KStew out even more? Is Rob officially off the market, for good?



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