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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

Poor . The media circus around him continues to pap, pressure and bother him round the clock, and now it seems that he's having panic attacks due to the strain of this constant attention.

Honestly, everyone who works with me knows they'll have to sit there and wait for me to go through my process of having my panic attack about how I look.

Weird. I don't wish panic attacks on the guy, but it does seem that Rob's insecurity has made him very considerate to those working around him. The Twilight star is keen to make a good impression:

If you start bossing people around, they'll just take it because they have to. Then they think, 'OK, you've bossed me around, now I'm going to talk s*** about you behind your back.

He then blasted stars who let fame get the better of them, calling stroppy stars 'd***head's. Wonder who he's talking about...

You see other people doing it all the time...It's so easy to go down that road and become a total d***head."

Rob's introspective, cautious remarks seem typical of his more retiring nature since his split from his Twilight co-star, .

Pattinson has been spotted hanging out with a bunch of new lady friends, including and , but there is no news of the star taking on an actual ladyfriend as yet. A source reported:

[Rob] does not seem particularly eager to get a new girlfriend quite yet. He's just taking each day as it comes and having fun.

Form an orderly queue, ladies. It's not like there'll be millions of screaming girls as your competition...



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